Proudly serving the scenic and beautiful Pikes Peak region since 1902!

The El Paso County Bar Association in a non-profit corporation that has been serving the local legal community since its founding in March 1902.

The Bar Association’s Mission is to provide legal information and services to its members and to promote respect for the law and the legal profession by the public.


Joint Board of Trustees and Board of Governors Photo
Back row:  Mike Waters, Eric Hall, Vincent Rahaman, Paul Haller, David Webster
Front row:  Jason Downie, Yolanda Fennick, Amber Blasingame
Not pictured:  Judge HayDen Kane, Josh Deere, Robert D. Jones, Lynn Olney, Patrick Salt

Board of Trustees

Yolanda Fennick

Eric Hall

Amber Blasingame

David Webster

Immediate Past President
Judge HayDen Kane

Josh Downie
Paul Haller
Vincent Rahaman

Board of Governors

Jason Downie
Robert D. Jones
Lynn L. Olney
Patrick R. Salt
Michael R. Waters

Executive Director

Zelna Joseph