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El Paso County Bar Association Executive Director

El Paso County Bar Association
PO Box 429
Colorado Springs, CO 80901-0429

Job Title: Executive Director

Time Requirement: Full-time (40 hrs/week) - some evenings, weekends, and early mornings required

Description: Responsible for the day-to-day operation of the El Paso County Bar Association office, as well as the administration of all Bar Association functions, including budgeting, financial management, marketing and promotion, education development, membership, and events. Position reports to the President of the Bar.

Compensation: Commensurate with experience.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Degree from a four-year college or university.
  • Prior experience in a leadership position.
  • This is a multi-task position requiring a creative, highly organized, self-motivated person who can work independently as part of the Bar Association team.
  • Experience in nonprofit work or legal outreach.
  • Good communication skills, initiative, sound judgment, an ability to work with a wide variety of people
  • Prior experience with event planning and fundraising.
  • Preference will be given to applicants who have a basic knowledge and understanding of the legal community.
  • Self-motivation and good time management skills are necessary. Applicants must be able to juggle a variety of tasks and establish priorities to successfully meet all deadlines.
  • Experience with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.
  • Prior experience working with websites and social media (Facebook & Twitter).
  • Experience with Quark or other publishing software, Adobe InDesign preferred).

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the daily operations of the office by performing basic administrative, bookkeeping, and secretarial functions.
  • Act as Managing Editor of the monthly newsletter and e-Newsletter.
  • Build partnerships and collaborations within the legal and nonprofit community.
  • Organize and attend monthly board meetings.
  • Coordinate all events, including the Bar luncheons, Admission Ceremony, social/networking events, Continuing Legal Education seminars, and any other special events.
  • Serve as liaison to the public and refer members of the public to the appropriate legal resource.
  • Recruit new members and retain membership.
  • Oversee the Lawyer Referral Service program.
  • Travel within El Paso and Teller Counties for events and program outreach.
  • Regularly update social media (website, Facebook & Twitter) with program information.
  • Additional duties as assigned.

To apply, send cover letter, resume, and a list of three references to:

El Paso County Bar Association
Attn: ED Search
PO Box 429
Colorado Springs, CO 80901-0429

OR, e-mail to

Application closing date: Open Until Filled

Detailed Responsibilities:

  1. General Description of Duties and Responsibilities: Responsible for the day-to-day operation of the El Paso County Bar Association Office (“Bar Office”), as well as the administration of all Bar Association functions, including budgeting, financial management, marketing and promotion, education development, membership, and events. Also performs such specific duties as given by the EPCBA Board of Trustees. The president of the Bar Association is the Executive Director’s direct supervision.
  1. Essential Functions: To be able to read, write, and speak English sufficiently to communicate with members of the public, business correspondents, and members of the Bar; to be able to sit and stand for prolonged periods of time in excess of two hours; to be able to create systems to organize subject matter files covering all Bar programs; to be able to perform general bookkeeping functions; to have sufficient strength of voice to be understood during normal telephone conversations; to have sufficient visual acuity to read text of normal size; to have sufficient mobility to travel from the Bar Office to meeting sites and other sites for conducting Bar business, including local printers and banks and sites within and outside El Paso and Teller Counties.
  1. Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

General Office Duties:

  1. Answer telephone for the Bar Association line.
  2. Refer any lawyer referral calls to the Lawyer Referral number.
  3. Open and process all incoming mail. Compose reply to all written requests including e-mail, and receive authority from the Bar President when appropriate.
  4. Maintain all files of the Association, both computer and hard copy.
  5. Perform general bookkeeping functions; Write checks within designated authority.
  6. Collect funds from various events, make bank deposits and balance monthly bank statements.
  7. Provide information to accountant for quarterly financial reports and yearly 990 tax report.
  8. Ensure that resources are well managed to effectively support current operations and strategic plans.

Administrative Responsibilities:

  1. Oversee the Lawyer Referral Service Coordinator position, currently full-time.
  2. Serve as a Registered Agent for the Bar Association.


  1. Responsible for creating newsletter (Committee Reports and Announcements), and ad content (both commercial and the classifieds).
  2. Coordinates with Editor Judge Joe Cannon.
  3. Provides information to advertisers and invoices monthly ads.
  4. Keeps e-mail list updated with constant contacts.
  5. Ensures that all deadlines are met by contributors.
  6. Ensures that newsletter goes out in a timely manner.


  1. Receive dues payments from the Colorado Bar Association and keep appropriate records on current members.
  2. Invoice all members who belong only to the local bar.
  3. Provide membership applications on request.
  4. Answer questions and reply to all requests by members.
  5. Keep membership applications and dues records on file.
  6. Provide effective and timely service to members.

Board of Trustees and Committees/Sections:

  1. Attend monthly board meetings and work at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.
  2. Work with committees and sections on CLE programs, including applying for CLE accreditation, registration, and making physical arrangements.
  3. Work with Board to develop and implement goals, policies and procedures, and long-term strategic planning processes for the Association.
  4. Support and foster the bar Association’s vision and mission in collaboration with officers, governing bodies, other volunteer leaders, and staff in accordance with the Bar Association’s bylaws and governance documents as well as all applicable laws.
  5. Assist and advise the Treasurer, President, and all other relevant trustees on fiscal and budgetary matters of the Bar Associations, including budget preparation, accounting, financial reporting, audit and long range financial planning.
  6. Responsible for the oversight and management of all operations, programs, and services.
  7. Coordinate on behalf of the Bar Association all special activities such as Law Day, Welcoming/Swearing-in Ceremonies, Wine Tasting Event, and any other special events, with responsible point of contact or committee.
  8. Schedule bar luncheons and work with facility on all arrangements for meals, equipment, seating, etc.
  9. Attend bar luncheon and collect money for luncheon.
  10. Serve as point of contact for the Colorado Bar Association.

Public Relations and Marketing:

  1. Serve as Bar liaison with the public or the news media.
  2. Refer those with attorney complaints to the Colorado Supreme Court, Attorney Regulation Counsel.
  3. Forward fee complaints to the Fee Arbitration Committee and keep copy for files.
  4. Listen to callers and direct them to appropriate resources.
  5. Refer news media to the appropriate board members or attorney when they are seeking input on a story.
  6. Responsible for the ongoing maintenance of website including content creation, gathering news and posting photos, as well as upkeep of social media including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.
  7. Serve as liaison to and keep informed of activities of organizations affiliated with or related to the Bar Association.

Additional duties as assigned.

Required Qualifications:

  1. Degree from a four-year college or university.

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Prior experience in a leadership position.
  2. Ability to multi-task requiring a creative, highly organized, self-motivated person who can work independently as part of the Bar Association team.
  3. Experience in nonprofit work or legal outreach.
  4. Excellent communication skills, initiative, sound judgement, an ability to work with a wide variety of people.
  5. Prior experience with event planning and fundraising.
  6. Preference will be given to applicants who have a basic knowledge and understanding of the legal community.
  7. Demonstrate commitment to the Bar Associations’ vision, mission, and policies and procedures and ensure balanced and diverse programming.
  8. Self-motivation and good time management skills are necessary. Applicants must be able to juggle a variety of tasks and establish priorities to successfully meet all deadlines.
  9. Experience with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  10. Prior experience working with websites and social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter).
  11. Experience with publishing software. ( Adobe InDesign preferred)

Time Requirement: Full-time (40 hrs/week) – some evenings, weekends, and early       mornings required.

Salary: The Executive Director is Fair Labor Standards Act exempt administrative employee and is paid on a salary basis. The salary will be commensurate with experience and performance. All salary matters will be determined by the Board of Trustees.


  1. After one year, one work week (“week”) per year.
  2. After two and through five years of service, two weeks per year.
  3. For more than five and up through twenty years of service, three weeks per year.
  4. For more than twenty years’ service, four weeks per year.

Vacation will be paid at the normal salary rate. It will be expected that the Executive Director will take all of his or her vacation. Vacation may not be carried over from year-to-year. Vacation will be earned on a monthly pro rata basis.

At termination of employment, vacation earned during the year but not used, will be paid to the separating employee. For purposes of this payout, each week shall be considered to be a period of five days, and each day shall be paid at 1/30th of employee’s monthly salary.

Paid Holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Day, and the Friday after Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.

Sick Leave: Ten days each year. Sick leave may accumulate from year-to-year, but may not exceed thirty days total at any time. Upon termination of employment, the employee will be paid one-half of all earned and accumulated sick leave. Each day earned and accumulated and paid for at termination will be paid at the rate of the 1/30th of the monthly salary.

Health Insurance: Insurance will be offered at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.

Attorney Position

Colorado Springs law firm seeks attorney to handle Social Security Disability claims. Attorney will work closely with clients, attend hearings and brief appeals. Salary commensurate with experience. Benefits include vacation pay, paid holidays and a 401(k) match. Please E-mail resumes, cover letter and salary requirements to

Family Law Associate


Black & Graham, PC, a mid-sized firm specializing in family law and criminal defense, is seeking a full-time family law associate.


  • 2+ years family law experience.
  • Strong client service and communication skills.


  • Competitive salary commensurate with experience.
  • Competitive billable bonus structure.
  • 401(k).
  • Health insurance.
  • Long term/short term disability insurance.
  • Paid holidays/vacation.
  • CLE/bar dues/etc.

E-mail resume, cover letter and salary requirements to Alicia Artel, Office Manager, at

Civil Litigation Attorney

Dewhirst & Dolven, LLC, seeks to hire a civil litigation attorney for its Colorado Springs office. Salary commensurate with level of experience. Please fax your resume to (719)633-3387 or send your resume to: Office Manager, Dewhirst & Dolven, LLC, 102 South Tejon Street, Suite 500, Colorado Springs, CO 80903.

City of Colorado Springs Associate Municipal Court Judge


Job Title: Associate Municipal Court Judge
Closing Date/Time: Mon. 02/08/16 11:59 PM Mountain Time
Salary: $41,077 Annual Salary
Job Type: At-will
FLSA: Exempt position, not eligible for overtime compensation
Location: Municipal Court - City of Colorado Springs, Colorado
Department: Municipal Court

This is a contract (at-will) position. The City shall provide Associate Municipal Court Judges with all mandatory employer provided benefits, which include PERA, Workers’ Compensation, and Medicare. Judges are responsible for employee contributions.

Extremely flexible part-time work schedule with ability to trade with other Associate Municipal Court Judges.

City of Colorado Springs

The City of Colorado Springs (El Paso County, Colorado) is a municipal corporation and a home rule city duly organized and existing pursuant to Article XX of the Constitution of the State of Colorado and the Charter of the City of Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs is the 41st largest city in the United States and is currently enjoying historic achievements on many fronts. More information about the City is available at

Colorado Springs Municipal Court

The Municipal Court has jurisdiction over violations of City Charter provisions and City ordinances. Court proceedings are governed by City ordinances, court rules, and state statutes. Municipal Court handles all types of traffic and criminal violations. Many of the traffic violations are payable to the court, but most criminal violations require an appearance in court before a judge.

Associate Municipal Court Judge

You will interpret, apply, and enforce local ordinances and applicable state laws. Duties, which include arraignments, pre-trials, hearings, and other judicial proceedings, are performed in accordance with the law and are subject to review by a higher court through the appellate process or special action and by the Presiding Judge over Municipal Court sessions.

The expectations for an Associate Municipal Court Judge are as follows (these expectations are not all inclusive):

  • Must not be a party or attorney in a lawsuit against the City of Colorado Springs and must not be an attorney representing defendants in the Colorado Springs Municipal Court
  • Use the Colorado Code of Judicial Conduct as guidance in conforming to the general principles it embodies
  • Must be competent in the law and the Colorado Municipal Court Rules of Procedure
  • Consistently embrace and perform duties in professional manner (fair, dignified, courteous, etc.); provide excellent internal and external customer service (top priority for the Colorado Springs Municipal Court)
  • Must abide by the provisions of the Code of Ethics, City Code 1-3-101 et seq. and all applicable rules and standards that apply to the attorney profession
  • Able to effectively exercise considerable independent judgment in managing dockets, ruling on motions, and adjudicating cases.
  • Establish and maintain effective work relationships with employees, City officials, the court system, and the general public
  • Communicate clearly and concisely, verbally and in writing

Typical Responsibilities:

  • Review citations and Municipal Court information received from the Police Department, Humane Society, Code Enforcement, Parking Enforcement and Fire Department\
  • Review complaints, summons, affidavits for search and arrest warrants, motions and petitions for revocation, prisoner information, affidavits and other legal documents
  • Issue subpoenas, warrants, contempt citations, appeal bonds
  • Levy fines and bail commensurate with violations of the law
  • Prepare and analyze comprehensive legal documents
  • Examine evidence in criminal cases
  • Preside over Municipal Court for alleged violations of  City ordinances, including, but not limited to, traffic violations, criminal violations, and property violations
  • Conduct court dockets, including arraignments, pre-trials, court trials, jury trials, juvenile hearings, motions hearings, revocation hearings, and other hearings appropriately docketed in Municipal Court
  • Provide written legal instruction to empaneled jurors
  • Provide either written or verbal findings

Work will be performed in an office/courtroom environment with potential exposure to hostile or aggressive individuals.

The background check process for this position includes being fingerprinted.

Minimum Qualifications

Juris Doctorate or Bachelor of Law from an American Bar Association accredited law school.

An attorney (in good standing) licensed to practice law in the State of Colorado and must remain in good standing.

A resident of the State of Colorado and a citizen of the United States.

Seven years of experience practicing law in the State of Colorado.

Additional Information:

This job announcement is not intended to include a complete listing of all responsibilities, knowledge, skills, and abilities associated with the position.

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