The El Paso County Bar Association is pleased to announce the launch of our pilot mentoring programs.  The EPCBA is working with the Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program (CAMP) which is authorized through Rule 255 C.R.C.P. to promote mentoring throughout Colorado.  We have three mentoring programs to choose from to ensure you find the right fit for your career goals and schedule:
  • Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program (CAMP)  -  a one year 15 CLE or six month 7 CLE, structured mentoring program.  CAMP curriculum will be developed by the mentee and mentor, but must cover certain subject areas, including: Initial Planning Meeting; Personal and Professional Development (work-life balance, inclusiveness & diversity, and wellness).
  • Pro Bono Mentoring Program  -  a mentoring program focused on the mentee and mentor volunteering for The Justice Center, and learning about professionalism, litigation, and practice management within that process.  Participants are eligible to earn up to 9 CLE credits.
  • Lawyer-to-Lawyer Mentoring Program  -  a flexible mentoring program where the mentee and mentor can structure their own program based on their goals, using EPCBA guidelines.

Mentee Qualifications: Law clerks, licensed attorneys in their first four years of practice, or those attorneys transitioning to another practice area.  If you are outside of these parameters, please contact the EPCBA Executive Director to discuss your participation in a mentoring program.

Mentor Qualifications: A licensed attorney or judge in good standing with at least five years of practice experience.

To participate in the pilot Mentoring Program, please fill out either the mentor or mentee application below by August 5th.

If you have questions, please contact EPCBA Executive Director, Kristi Dorr Gilkes by e-mail or phone (719) 473 - 9700.