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Community Resources When They Need it Most

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What is the Lawyer Referral Service?

Lawyer Referral Service is a non-profit program of the El Paso County Bar Association. Each month we receive hundreds of calls from the public looking for legal assistance. The Lawyer Referral Service connects these callers with attorneys that apply and register with us to receive referrals in their specialty areas. We also direct callers to community resources, pro-bono programs, hotlines, clinics, medical/psychological assistance, pro-se help, and other educational resources.

How Does it Work for Attorneys?

Attorneys can become a part of Lawyer Referral Service by completing a short membership application and once accepted, pay a small, yearly membership fee of $100. With one single referral, a member attorney can make a profit over their initial investment. In addition to profitability, the Lawyer Referral Service provides attorneys with a new way to connect and build positive relationships with the community.

How Does it Work for the Public?

Currently, about 5-10% of calls are referred to attorneys within our attorney referral network. Callers pay our service $40.00 for a referral to an attorney within our service (for some legal issues this fee is waived). After receiving a referral, callers contact the attorney and schedule a free 30 minute consultation. They are advised by our office that the consultation is standard and the attorney is under no obligation to provide general legal advice during that time. All callers are also advised our network attorneys do not provide pro-bono or reduced fee services. This way our attorneys do not receive referrals for clients unable to pay standard rates and fees.

More Information

Additional information about the Lawyer Referral Service and the membership application is located below. Feel free to call Delya at (719)636-1532 or E-mail with any questions.

Lawyer Referral Service Information and Application

When you send your enrollment, please don’t forget to include:

  • Your signed application
  • A copy of your insurance declarations page
  • Completed Panel Requirements form
  • Check for $100 made out to the El Paso County Bar Association
  • Questionnaire (voluntary)