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Portia Award

The Women Lawyers’ Association is accepting nominations for the Portia Award. The Portia Award began in 1985 when Attorney Cliff Kruse contacted the organization on behalf of a client who wanted to establish a fund for an annual award to recognize an outstanding woman lawyer in the community.  The Portia Award is named for the clever heroine in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice who, disguised as a learned lawyer, defends in court and saves Antonio from the demand for a pound of his flesh. The award is given annually to a female lawyer who has given outstanding service to the community and Bar, has been active with professional organizations in the community, and has helped to advance the legal profession, especially for women lawyers.    This award is presented by the Women Lawyers Association.


If you know of a deserving individual that you would like to nominate for this award, please complete the electronic form below or you may also send an email nomination to Diana May at Submissions must be received by May 8, 2013.