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Lawyer Referral Service


Our service is your first stop in finding quality representation. We screen our member attorneys to ensure that you are referred to a qualified attorney with substantial experience and a clean disciplinary record. We assist people everyday with their legal problems and help point them in the right direction. We have attorneys who specialize in many areas of law including family, civil, business, estates and probate, bankruptcy and employment.

How the Lawyer Referral Service Works: You may call our office or submit a referral request through the online form below. A trained operator will assess the nature of your legal problem and refer you to a LRS panel attorney, government agency or community resource, depending on the nature of your legal problem. The information you share with the operator is confidential and will only be shared with the attorney selected for your consultation.

If you decide to use the Lawyer Referral Service we suggest that you review the How to Choose and Work With an Attorney page for additional information about the service and what you can anticipate from the consultation and the attorney.

Fees: We do not charge a referral fee for social security disability, personal injury, medical malpractice, worker's compensation, and bankruptcy issues. In most other cases we charge $40 for a 30-minute consultation with an attorney, which means that the attorney waives their usual consultation fee. During the consultation you may explain your situation to the attorney and discuss the fees the attorney will charge to represent you in your case. All of our attorneys charge their regular rates and fees, and a retainer is usually required for an attorney to begin work on your case.

If you are seeking free or reduced fee legal services, please view more information about our other programs: Modest Means Program or Pikes Peak Pro Bono Project.

Consultation: Please be aware that the Lawyer Referral Service is best suited for people that have determined that they need to hire a qualified attorney for their issue. Our attorneys are under no obligation to provide general legal advice during the initial consultation, it is merely an opportunity for the attorney to assess your case, provide you with information about your legal options and for you to determine if the attorney is a good fit to represent you. Please use our Ask-A-Lawyer or Call-A-Lawyer events if you have a question or are looking for legal advice.

Submit an Online Inquiry

We are able to provide referrals to attorneys in the Pikes Peak Region of Colorado. Participation in our program is voluntary for attorneys. Because of this we do not have attorneys in every specialty area nor can we guarantee that a referral will be accepted. Our office will contact you as soon as possible in response to your request for a referral.

Disclaimer: The Lawyer Referral Service connects potential clients to qualified attorneys, but does not itself provide legal advice or services. Only the attorneys themselves can do that. Further, there is no guarantee that any attorney will take any particular case. Attorneys will decide for themselves whether to take a case and thereby enter into an attorney-client relationship. Do not disclose any confidential or sensitive information in this form. Rather, please provide general information about what happened so that LRS can identify attorneys who may be able to assist you. Until an attorney has actually taken your case, you are expected to meet all deadlines, attend all proceedings, and do anything else necessary under the applicable rules.

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