The Modest Means Program helps moderate-income Coloradoans (who reside in El Paso and Teller Counties) find affordable legal assistance. The program is intended to help those who earn too much to qualify for legal aid, but who cannot afford traditional legal fees. Modest Means lawyers have agreed to charge reduced rates for legal work provided to clients referred to them through the program. There is no grant, fund, or subsidy that makes up the difference between the lawyers' regular rates and the Modest Means Program rates. The lawyers are volunteers who believe in the mission of this program and want to help.

Types of Matters

Modest Means lawyers only handle certain kinds of matters. If the specific area of law with which you need help is not listed on the application, then it is not part of the program.


Lawyers who are willing to accept Modest Means clients will agree to charge no more than $125 per hour for any services and may assess a fee of $40 for an initial consultation. The client will be asked to pay a retainer that will be no more than $750. Please note that while the attorney can request up to a $750 retainer, not all cases can be completed within the requested retainer and you may be charged the reduced hourly rate for additional work not covered by the retainer, especially in Family Law cases. The client’s application must demonstrate that they have the ability to pay these fees in order to be referred to a Modest Means Program lawyer. If you pre-qualify for the program you will be contacted and asked to provide documentation of your financial status, including: three most recent paystubs, bank statements, and verification of special expenses, debts, and assets.

Not every case can be referred to an attorney, especially Family Law cases, which is our highest area of need.

Please Note

If there is an attorney enrolled in the program that is the right attorney for your legal matter, our office will call you with that attorney's contact information within 14 calendar days of the receipt of your application. If you do not hear from us you can assume that there is not a lawyer on the panel that is a match for your situation and we will not be able to provide a referral to a Modest Means Program lawyer.

The lawyer to whom you are referred is not obligated to take your case after your initial consultation. Each individual attorney will determine their fee schedule and payment plan, based on the guidelines within the application. After the referral has been made, the Bar Association is no longer involved with your case.

To Apply

Before you can be referred to a Modest Means lawyer, you must apply and be pre-qualified. To apply you must complete the application form below and return it to us by fax, mail, or E-mail.

Disclaimer: The Lawyer Referral Service connects potential clients to qualified attorneys, but does not itself provide legal advice or services. Only the attorneys themselves can do that. Further, there is no guarantee that any attorney will take any particular case. Attorneys will decide for themselves whether to take a case and thereby enter into an attorney-client relationship. Do not disclose any confidential or sensitive information in this form. Rather, please provide general information about what happened so that LRS can identify attorneys who may be able to assist you. Until an attorney has actually taken your case, you are expected to meet all deadlines, attend all proceedings, and do anything else necessary under the applicable rules.

Due to the current high volume of Modest Means applications,
no new requests can be accepted in the short-term.

Please return to this page in the near
future to download an application form.
Thanks for your patience.

Mailing Address:
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