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Pikes Peak Pro Bono Project
(719) 473-6212
PO Box 429
Colorado Springs, CO 80901-0429
(719) 473-9216

Welcome to the Pikes Peak Pro Bono Project


The Pikes Peak Pro Bono Project strives to provide access to justice for citizens of limited means. 

To achieve this mission, we provide a combination of legal services: pro bono counsel, clinics, educational seminars, Call-A-Lawyer, online information, and educational materials. These programs are enhanced by collaboration with other area nonprofit agencies and community volunteers. The Pikes Peak Pro Bono Project recruits and coordinates volunteer lawyers to perform free legal services for people with no or very low income who reside in El Paso and Teller Counties.

For free legal advice please see information about our clinics and events under the Legal Resources section.  Also, you may want to consider the Modest Means Program since it has a high placement rate for applicants.

Note that we do not accept applications for criminal and traffic cases.  If your issue is related to a misdemeanor or felony citation, or if you have a public defender, we cannot assist with your case. Please consider the Modest Means Program for those issues.


Are you seeking Pro Bono representation?

Please complete the application below to determine your eligability for Pro Bono Services.

Return your application form by mail, fax, or email to:

Pikes Peak Pro Bono Project
PO Box 429
Colorado Springs, CO 80901-0429
Fax (719) 473-9216

If someone is in need of an application and does not have internet access, they can request a copy of the application.  

Additional services and clinics provided by the Pikes Peak Pro Bono Project can be found under Legal Resources.


Pro Bono Application for Services 


Please note that your information will remain completely confidential and is used solely to determine your eligibility for free legal services.  By providing the Pikes Peak Pro Bono Project with this information, you agree to allow the PPPBP to search for an attorney to represent you in your legal matter, and provide that attorney with information about your financial situation.  

Unfortunately, we will not be able to assist everyone who requests help. Therefore, we suggest you continue to explore other options. Also, if your situation requires immediate attention, do not rely on the PPPBP, Inc. to respond or provide assistance within the time frame you must respond to a court request. We will not be responsible for missed deadlines.