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Attorney Nonprofit Connection

A project of the Pikes Peak Pro Bono Project

P.O. Box 429
Colorado Springs, CO 80901
Phone (719) 473-6212
Fax (719) 473-9216

Welcome to the Attorney Nonprofit Connection

Attorneys Building Community 

This program is for non-profit organizations looking for pro bono legal assistance

for their non-profit business.

The Attorney Nonprofit Connection is a collaboration between the Pikes Peak Pro Bono Project and the El Paso County Bar Association, which matches Colorado Springs based nonprofit agencies in need of legal services with volunteer attorneys.  ANC volunteer attorneys primarily handle entity formation, commercial lease review negotiations, licensing agreements, contract review negotiations, employment matters, tax issues, corporate governance, conflicts of interest, and real estate acquisition.  Nonprofit organizations interested in applying for a volunteer attorney must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1.  The organization’s decision-making process has significant community grassroots involvement;
  2. The organization’s activities or goals benefit low-income communities or populations;
  3. The organization works to provide housing, social services, educational improvement, land ownership, or cultural preservation;
  4. The organization has no ability to obtain counsel.  Priority will be given to organizations with small operating budgets; and
  5. The organization is based in the Pikes Peak Region

To apply for services, fill out the the ANR Application for Services form. 

Return your application and applicable documents to:

Pikes Peak Pro Bono Project
Attn:  ANC
PO Box 429
Colorado Springs, CO 80901
Fax (719) 473-9216