October 5, 2016 - October 5, 2016

21 S. Tejon St.

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Join us for "Phil Shuey’s Guide to Life, the Universe, & Everything!" 1 General CLE pending.  This event is free for members, but registration is required due to limited space.  

Lunch Details:  You will be able to order from the full lunch menu at Jack Quinn's Irish Pub and servers allow separate checks. There is a $10 fee for nonmembers.

The CLE:  The ABA has surveyed lawyer job satisfaction regularly, starting in 1984. The initial survey was notable, because a significant percentage of young lawyers indicated that – were they to have the opportunity to “do it again” –  they probably would not have gone to law school.

The trends from the various surveys show greater satisfaction with older lawyers, and lesser with younger lawyers. With many current practitioners, the law practice is started with substantial law school (and/or college) debt and a more difficult job market than more senior lawyers.

The harsh economic climate has resulted in deferred employment offers, starting employment in nonlegal positions and even litigation against law schools (for “over-selling”).

Our organization tracks trends to better project the future of the profession for strategic planning. One of the trends identified is a growing desire of lawyers – especially younger lawyers – for some modicum of quality of life, while still practicing law.

This session will provide tips on maximizing your quality of life (while continuing your professional practice), evaluating the nature of your practice, identifying measurable, working for good clients and, finally, taking time off.