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  • 11 Nov 2020 12:22 PM | Anonymous

    Order 2020-31 RE Jury Trials 

    Order Excerpt: "...Pursuant to Chief Justice Directive 95-01 (Authority and Responsibility of Chief Judges) and in compliance with the Updated Order issued by the Chief Justice on July 24, 2020, I hereby suspend all jury trials that are currently scheduled to begin on or before January 8, 2021. This Order is also premised on the COVID-19 orders previously issued by federal, state, and local authorities.

    This order does not apply to any ongoing jury trials, which continue to employ extraordinary measures to ensure the safety of all courtroom participants.

    The Fourth Judicial District will continue all other operations through remote technology whenever practical."

  • 9 Nov 2020 9:42 AM | Crystal Rayos (Administrator)

    The Supreme Court Nominating Commission has nominated three candidates for a vacancy on the Colorado Supreme Court. The vacancy was created by the retirement of the Hon. Nathan B. Coats, effective Jan. 22, 2021.

    See Full Announcement

  • 6 Nov 2020 11:55 AM | Crystal Rayos (Administrator)

    DENVER – The Colorado Supreme Court has announced that the February 2021 bar examination will be administered remotely rather than in-person in response to increasing COVID-19 infection rates in Colorado, which may continue to rise this winter.

                The exam, which will be held in most states February 23 and 24, will be the first time the content of a Uniform Bar Exam has been available for remote testing. February bar applicants will be able to take both days of the exam on-line through a computer with video capability and an internet or wi-fi connection. 

  • 5 Nov 2020 2:24 PM | Crystal Rayos (Administrator)

    RE: Release of Non-VRA Misdemeanor and Non-DUI/DWAI Defendants

    See Order

  • 12 Oct 2020 9:34 AM | Dustin Shaver (Administrator)

    The State of Colorado has a commission that disseminates reports on the question of judicial retention and it's online! You can find the 2020 retention recommendations here:

    Click on the name of each judge to see the recommendation and report. 

    The commission is made up of both lawyers an citizens. For more information on becoming a commissioner or for current opportunities, click here.  Diverse candidates are highly encouraged to apply. 

  • 3 Sep 2020 11:40 AM | Anonymous

    Governor to appoint new county court judge

    The Fourth Judicial District Nominating Commission has nominated three candidates for an El Paso County court judgeship created by the retirement of the Hon. Karla J. Hansen, effective Dec. 11, 2020. Nominees Yolanda Fennick of Colorado Springs, Brian Fields of Black Forest and Dennis McGuire of Colorado Springs were selected in a videoconference meeting on Sept. 2, 2020.

    Under the Colorado Constitution, the governor has 15 days from Sept. 2, 2020, within which to appoint one of the nominees as county court judge for El Paso County.

    Comments regarding any of the nominees may be sent via e-mail to the governor at

    Editor’s Note: Contact information for the three nominees

    • Yolanda Fennick, 422 E. Vermijo, #302, Colorado Springs, CO 80903 719-219-6250
    • Brian Fields, 1200 Federal Blvd., Denver, CO 80223, 720-944-6450
    • Dennis McGuire, 270 S. Tejon St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903, 719-452-5343

    Download Announcement 

  • 1 Sep 2020 12:25 PM | Anonymous

    Effective August 31, 2020

  • 13 Aug 2020 4:38 PM | Anonymous

     Download Court Order 

    (Corrected for changes RE WebEx participation information for bonded advisements)

  • 11 Aug 2020 8:05 AM | Anonymous
    1. This is a temporary program designed to provide the parties with an alternative to a jury trial setting during the pandemic.  The program does not apply to situations in which the parties are not entitled to a jury trial, nor to situations in which neither party has requested a jury trial.
    2. All parties and the originally assigned judge must agree to use the program.  The court or any party may request to utilize the program, provided all parties agree to waive their right to a jury trial.
    3. Once the court and the parties agree to use the program, each litigant will fill out the attached form by placing a check next to the name of each judicial officer the litigant is willing to have hear the case in a court trial.  Once completed, the litigants will deliver the form to the originally assigned judge. 
    4. If there are common name(s) on both lists, the originally assigned judge will designate the mutually agreed upon judicial officer who will hear the case. If there is more than one common judicial officer, the originally assigned judge will designate which judge will hear the case. 
    5. The mutually agreed upon judicial officer will be promptly notified of the selection and will have the opportunity to accept or decline to hear the case based upon conflicts or workload.  If the judicial officer agrees to hear the case, the parties will promptly report to that judicial officer for setting of the court trial.  If the judicial officer declines to hear the case, and there was another mutually agreeable judicial officer on the completed form, the originally assigned judge will restart the process with the next mutually agreed upon judicial officer.
    6. If there is no common judicial officer designated by the parties, the case will return to the jury trial calendar of the originally assigned judge.
    7. Even if a judicial officer is not participating as a judge willing to accept cases for the program, that judicial officer may nevertheless elect to utilize the program in his/her division.
    8. Presently, the program is only available in district court civil cases.
    9. Any judicial officer may agree to hear bench trials.  If selected, a magistrate or county court judge will need specific authorization from the Chief Judge to hear the case.

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