The Fee Arbitration Committee is a service of the bar association to help attorneys and their clients resolve fee disputes without having to file suit. The committee is made up of both attorneys and lay members who are appointed to three member panels, two attorneys and one lay member, to hear and decide fee disputes. The committee is available to everyone, whether or not they belong to the association. Either the attorney or the client can request the services of the committee. Once a request for assistance with a fee dispute is received and both the attorney and client agree to submit the matter to the committee, a panel is appointed and a date for the arbitration is set. There is no cost to either side and the arbitration panel enters a final decision which is binding on both parties. The arbitration is held just like any other arbitration and both sides are free to present whatever evidence they have to support their position in the dispute. Once the arbitration is conducted a written determination is made by the panel. Because the process is both free and somewhat informal, the fee dispute can normally be resolved expeditiously and without any cost to the parties.