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The Justice Center provides numerous services for the public. However, neither The Justice Center nor the El Paso County Bar Association can answer legal questions or give legal advice.

The Justice Center Free Legal Clinics

Denver Bar Lawline

Presented by Lawline 9News - Denver

First Wednesday of every Month 

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

(303) 698-0999

Topics vary - schedule can be found here

Pro Bono & Modest Means Programs

Our placement programs serve residents of El Paso and Teller counties. 

Our Pro Bono program serves those clients who fall within 200% of the federal poverty guidelines and cannot afford an attorney. 

The Modest Means program places moderate-income residents of the region with attorneys willing to work for reduced rates. 

Pro Bono - application (pdf)

Modest Means - application (pdf)

Contact information for Pro Bono & Modest Means Programs: 

(719) 473-9700 Option 1

If your situation requires immediate attention, do not rely on Pro Bono or Modest Means services through The Justice Center to respond or provide assistance within the time frame you must respond to a court request. We are not be responsible for missed deadlines. 

Lawyer Referral Service

Get referred to a screened and qualified lawyer. Initial consultations are $40 or free, depending on the type of case.

Intake Form (word) - Please email form to begin process.

(719) 473-9700 Option 2                        Please be aware that the referral service can take several days to find a match.

$40 Lawyer Referral Fee

Colorado Legal Services

(719) 471-0380 

Colorado Legal Services provides free legal services in civil matters (no criminal) . Priority is given to low-income people. Services are provided in matters involving the following: income maintenance and public benefits, housing and homelessness, consumer and finance, health, including the legal rights of the elderly and the physically and mentally disabled, and family and domestic relations, with emphasis on domestic violence and abuse.

Visit Self Help Site

Colorado Legal Help Center

The Colorado Legal Help Center is a interactive website that provides users with the ability to evaluate what legal assistance they might need and where they can go to find it. 

This website includes information on:

  • Finding information on legal representation and help finding a lawyer. 
    • This option gives the reader the opportunity to learn more about lawyers and legal representation, and if that course of action best suits their needs.
  • Help with my Legal Issue
    • Step-by-step help with legal issues for someone who may not be ready to seek legal counsel. This option allows users to choose their type of legal issue, whether they are the petitioner or respondent, and a step-by-step breakdown of the court process involved.
    • General legal information is also available for readers to learn more about the judicial system, court processes, appearing in court before a judge, and filing court forms and fees.
  • Access to Legal Materials
    • Provides research resources to those interested, including information on where to find court rules, statutes, and case law, as well as information on where to find applicable court forms and instructions.

Fee Dispute Committee

The El Paso County Bar Association Fee Dispute Committee sets up panels of attorneys that will arbitrate disputes for free between attorneys and clients involving legal fees.

To submit your case to fee arbitration, send a packet to the Bar Association with copies of the disputed bill/invoice, along with any supplemental information that you think the committee might find helpful. Also include a letter stating which fees you are disputing and why you are disputing the fees. Your packet will be forwarded to the Fee Dispute Committee and the Chair of that committee will contact you with their final decision.

Mail your information to:

El Paso County Bar Association
P.O. Box 429
Colorado Springs, CO  80901


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