• El Paso County Bar Association (EPCBA) Members receive a discount on the use of Bar Office space. Bar Office space includes the event space and/or the law library space. It does not include the personal offices of EPCBA or The Justice Center staff.
    Bar Office space is currently free for use by EPCBA member sections. For member usage outside of member sections, the Bar Office space can be used for the following purposes:

      • Mediations
      • Depositions
      • Affinity Bar Association functions or meetings
      • Other miscellaneous uses pertaining to the practice of law or the needs of legal professionals

The EPCBA may grant situational free use of the space to members as it deems appropriate and as these connect to the purpose and mission of the EPCBA.

Member rate for usage of the Bar Office space is set at $50/hour. Non-member rate is set at $90/hour. The rate includes the following use of staff time and office materials:

      • Table and chair set-up
      • Coffee (Keurig)
      • Water
      • Soda

If outside food is to be brought in, this can be arranged situationally with the EPCBA staff and may come at an additional cost.

In all instances, a request to use Bar Office space shall be presented to the EPCBA in writing and contain information sufficient for the EPCBA to evaluate the proposed use, including:

    • Summary of use;
    • Relationship of use to the purpose and mission of the EPCBA;
    • Date(s) and time(s) of use;
    • Snow day, delay, or other “backup” plans;
    • Minimum and maximum number of attendees;
    • Set-up and clean-up plans;
    • Audio/visual needs, if any;
    • Building access or other accommodation needs, if any; and
    • Any other information concerning the use that will help EPCBA’s review.

Please email all requests to Britt Kwan. EPCBA reserves the right to reject or accept a request to use Bar Office in whole or in part, to modify rates being charged based on the use, as well as condition use in its sole discretion.

As part of any authorization to use the Bar Office, the EPCBA will require the execution of a release and waiver by the attorney or organization seeking to use the Bar Office.  

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