The Justice Center of the El Paso County Bar Association supports the local and state Mock Trial Competitions with meals and volunteers.

mock_trial_2The El Paso County Bar Association makes a financial commitment to support the Mock Trial competition by providing food and awards to the many students who participate. The award ceremony is normally held on Law Day. Help us continue the good work of this important program by making a donation today!

mock_trial_1Since 1985, the Colorado Bar Association (CBA) has proudly sponsored the CBA High School Mock Trial Program. This program is funded by the CBA Litigation Section and the Colorado Bar Foundation. This educational program is one of more than forty-five educational programs in Colorado and is one of the leading and most respected programs in the country.

mock_trial_3More than 100 high school teams participates in Colorado’s mock trial program. Approximately 1,500 students perform as attorneys and/or witnesses in a court case. Hundreds of attorneys, judges, teachers, and other community leaders volunteer their time to instruct students about the judicial system and the trial process through this educational program.

The CBA High School Mock Trial Program is a positive academic program that gives students an opportunity to expand their speaking, writing, reading, and analytical skills while learning about the judicial system. The students play the role of attorneys and witnesses in a fictitious case. To play these roles, students are introduced to a number of life skills that will be helpful to them in their future, such as team work and collaboration; the importance and value of setting goals; the value of strategic planning and implementation; productive argumentative and persuasive skills; critical thinking skills; and the ability to face challenging obstacles with enthusiasm, professionalism and confidence.
Any Colorado high school, home school, or community center program is welcome to participate. Students must be enrolled in grades 9–12 at the time of participation in the regional tournament. Each team must have at least one teacher/organizational sponsor and, ideally, one attorney coach. Teams having difficulty in finding an attorney coach may contact their local bar association and/or the CBA to assist in recruiting an attorney.
Teams participate in their regional tournament—the first level of competition, which takes place in February. Regional tournaments, are coordinated by local bar associations and are held in courtrooms where teams argue both sides of a case during trial rounds. Top finishers of regional tournaments advance to compete in the State Championship Tournament held in March.

After being named the Colorado State Mock Trial Champion, the mock trial team goes on to participate in the National High School Mock Trial Championship (NHSMTC) tournament held in May. For more information about the NHSMTC, go to

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