Looking to hire a lawyer?

The Lawyer Referral & Information Service connects you to qualified lawyers to assist with your situation. LRIS attorneys charge up to $100 for a consultation and standard rates ($250-350/hour) upon retention and often require a retainer ($4,000+). Most contingency cases (ex: workers comp, personal injury, bankruptcy, and social security appeals) have a different billing schedule. If you feel this is an appropriate program for you, please fill out a request on the LRIS website.

Lawyers available:

  • Administrative Law 
  • Business Law
  • Consumer
  • Criminal
  • Estate Planning
  • Family Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Probate
  • Real Estate

Can't afford a lawyer?

Check out our list of partner agencies that may be able to help you find a lawyer for free or for a reduced cost. Or, check out our resources for pro se litigants:
  • TESSA (free lawyers and assistance - domestic violence situations only)
If you're looking for assistance or are not sure who to contact, please reach out to our nonprofit arm, The Justice Center.

Attorney Complaints

The Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel investigates and prosecutes allegations of violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct by attorneys in Colorado. The Office of the Presiding Disciplinary Judge presides over formal complaints against attorneys.
The Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel is authorized to investigate:
1. Attorneys licensed or otherwise certified to practice law in Colorado,
2. Attorneys who are not licensed in Colorado but practice in Colorado,
3. Colorado magistrates,
4. Colorado licensed attorneys serving as municipal court judges,
5. Allegations of the unauthorized practice of law,
6. Matters related to an applicant for admission to the Colorado bar, and
7. Matters related to the Colorado Attorneys' Fund For Client Protection.
To file a complaint related to any of the above topics, contact the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel by calling (303) 457-5800, or toll free (877) 888-1370.
Note that The Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel does not handle complaints about judges, other than municipal court judges and magistrates.  Complaints about judges should be directed to the Colorado Commission on Judicial Discipline.

Fee Disputes

The EPCBA Fee Dispute Committee will arbitrate disputes between attorneys and clients involving legal fees. This is a free service, but both parties must agree to arbitrate.
To submit your case, send a packet to the Bar Association with copies of the disputed bill/invoice, along with any information that you think help proves why your bill is wrong. Include a letter stating which fees you are disputing and why you are disputing the fees. Your packet will be forwarded to the Committee Chair who will contact you about your dispute.
Mail your information to:
El Paso County Bar Association
Attn: Fee Dispute Committee
P.O. Box 429
Colorado Springs, CO 80901-0429

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